Change Alternate Email In Gmail

Who does not know about Gmail? It is Google’s free email service that lets people stay connected with the world. You have a Google account; it means you already have a Gmail account. Previously, Gmail was used to be available by invitation only. But now the user can sign up for an account whenever he… Read More »

Change Gmail Background

While millions of individuals have enjoyed Google mail since its release in 2004, its look is not the most attractive. Features like filters, inbox tabs, and search look much better when they are not screening on an uninteresting white background. Thankfully, the Google mail inbox can be customized. You can customize the inbox’s look with… Read More »

All new Gmail Features

Pretty much everybody has a Gmail account, so it is a huge deal that Google made a decision to overhaul the Gmail interface. The new Gmail design has started coming out, and a lot of consumers are already taking benefit of a few cool new features. Though Gmail is one of the best email services,… Read More »

Delete Gmail Account Permanently

If you have created a Gmail account and now you want to delete it permanently. So deciding to delete it is a potentially huge commitment. But sometimes you need to move on. Here’s our guide that can help you do so. Deleting The Gmail Account First of all, log into your Gmail account > click… Read More »

Secure Gmail Account

Out of all the online accounts, there is a fine chance that your Google account holds most of your info. Dwell on it: if you utilize Chrome for browsing, Gmail for email and Android for the mobile operating system, then you are already using Google for almost all you do. Now that you are dwelling… Read More »

Send Attachments In Gmail

It is efficient and easy to attach files from the system you are using and send it using Gmail. Sending several files is just as simple, and it functions with documents you can’t simply re-create in your email (such as images, videos, and spreadsheets) as well. Adding Attachments In Your Gmail Messages: Sending videos, pictures,… Read More »

Import And Export Contacts In Gmail

It’s simple to move your vital info saved in Google applications, whether you require transferring data into the account or transferring data out of the Google account. At times there’s a need to share data, like Contact Groups or Contacts, with another account. Perhaps you require sharing a vital contact group with a friend or… Read More »

Gmail Sign In Multiples Accounts At Once

It can be frustrating (not to mention long) to sign in & out of each of the Google accounts each time you desire to utilize them. Fortunately, Google makes it simple to sign in to several Gmail accounts at once and rapidly switch between them on the computer and phone. Here is how you can… Read More »

Why is Gmail better than other Email Services?

Selecting the best email service for a small company can be difficult. Every email is very important to the business. You require an email service that is trustworthy and offers the features that your business needs. Gmail is the invention of Google, and everything we utilize for surfing and browsing is of Google product. So,… Read More »

Enable Two Steps Verification For Gmail Account?

Security breaches do take place. A lot of email accounts including Gmail accounts can face this problem. That is why it is highly recommended to enable the 2-step authentication (or two-step verification, as it is also known) for the Gmail account. Enabling this 2-step verification will put a stop to anybody’s efforts who is trying… Read More »