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By | February 18, 2019

Pretty much everybody has a Gmail account, so it is a huge deal that Google made a decision to overhaul the Gmail interface. The new Gmail design has started coming out, and a lot of consumers are already taking benefit of a few cool new features. Though Gmail is one of the best email services, there is a good chance you are not capitalizing on it. While it is completely simple to sign in and send the email messages, it is packed with a lot of features that can save your time and improve productivity.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Mac operating system, Windows OSs, and numerous software programs all have their own set of shortcut keys and so does the Gmail. Once you have memorized all the shortcut keys for some frequently utilized tasks, you will find that you can now go through your email much more rapidly.

By Granting Access, Utilize Multiple Accounts:

Do you have an industry-related account that you desire a subordinate to have access to? If so, you can give them access to the Gmail account. It’ll allow them to access the account without having to log out of their own Gmail account.

Offline Gmail:

Have you ever wished to access your Gmail account on a plane without wi-fi? Or have you ever been to a place with no wi-fi and you really need to check your account? Gmail now has the answer to such situations; offline Gmail.

Fix The Email Mistakes:

Have you ever clicked on the send button and then realize that you have missed adding some important details or you have some terrible spelling mistakes? Gmail now has an undo send function that provides you a short window to make the changes you want after you have sent an email to take it to undo your action. To enable it, go to settings by click on the gear icon > settings. Now locate the option to turn undo send option on, select a cancellation period > click on save changes. Now you will never mistakenly send an email again.

Better Add-Ons Management:

To get more out of the Gmail’s browser customer, Gmail add-ons have always been a big way. There are add-ons for adding signatures, scheduling emails, attaching things from project management program, and more.

And now, when you have appended one of such add-ons to your Gmail, you can see the icon in your right sidebar. Click on the icon in your sidebar to fire up your extension. Click the icon on your message to turn on the extension and take action with that email.

Conversation View:

You know it as a message/email thread. It packs a message and all replies to it into a single view to make sure that you get the background when you are reading any of the emails. Each email in the group acquires its own collapsible section. To enable it, you will need to go to Settings > General. There, locate the Conversation View section > choose the radio button to turn on the Conversation view.

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