Change Alternate Email In Gmail

By | February 18, 2019

Who does not know about Gmail? It is Google’s free email service that lets people stay connected with the world. You have a Google account; it means you already have a Gmail account. Previously, Gmail was used to be available by invitation only.

But now the user can sign up for an account whenever he likes. Gmail is indeed one of the best free webmail services today. The emails are grouped automatically according to the subject line when you send or receive messages.

Make sure you are not using your personal email for business or school purposes. Consider having a separate email account for business purposes.

Features of Gmail:

Gmail growth was limited by only allowing peo.ple to invite a limited number of people to open acc0unts. The limited invitation system ended in the year 2007. Being one of the elite email service providers, Gmail offers various features to make the user experience even better. Gmail has impressive functionality, and the users only take advantage of them when they know about the features it offers:

  • Just like many software programs Gmail has its own set of keyboard shortcuts that enable you to go through your emails much more quickly.
  • Gmail filters allow users to organize email in a variety of ways.
  • One of the most exceptional features Gmail offers is the priority inbox.
  • Gmail offers the mute-conversations option.
  • It enables you to grant your Gmail account access to your assistant.
  • Gmail video chat features let you stay connected even while traveling.

Gmail offers plenty of features to the user that makes it one of the most popular email services in the world. Now let’s talk about an important point that is about the alternate email in Gmail.

What is the alternate email address?

Alternate email address is an additional email address that the users use to sign in to their Google account. You can sign in to your Gmail account using the alternate email address or the address you used to set up the account. The user can change, remove or add alternate email account at any time on Google account settings page.

No matter you are using your primary or alternate email address to sign in to your account you will use the same password.

Change Alternate Email In Gmail:

Here is how you can change your alternate email in Gmail:

  • First of all login to your account
  • In the upper right corner click “Settings”.
  • Then click “Accounts and import” option
  • Click on “Google account settings” option that will appear on the resulting page.
  • Click on the “Change password recovery options”.
  • The user will be asked to provide your password again.
  • Click on “Add or remove email addresses” in case you want to send password recovery messages to the alternate email address
  • You can choose “Add a mobile phone number” option as well.

To change your alternate email address, you must have to log in to your account. If you have forgotten the password or your account is hacked, then it will be too late. Try to recover access to your account.

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