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By | February 18, 2019

While millions of individuals have enjoyed Google mail since its release in 2004, its look is not the most attractive. Features like filters, inbox tabs, and search look much better when they are not screening on an uninteresting white background. Thankfully, the Google mail inbox can be customized. You can customize the inbox’s look with backgrounds, themes, and more. Here is how you can put a new coat of paint on the Google mailbox by simply changing its background.

Customize The Google Mailbox With Gmail Backgrounds And Themes:

A lot of Google mail beginners do not acquaint that Google mail has a built-in method that makes it simple for the users to customize their account inbox. The Themes section allows you to apply an assortment of new looks that are much enhanced over the dull default. Here is how you can simply to change the background of your Google mailbox to make it interesting and attractive:

  • First of all, go to the Google mailbox and click on the Gear icon from the upper right corner of the screen > click on Themes. A new dialog box will open. Here, you can see numerous themes to pick from. Every theme comprises a new image that’ll change the background of your Google mailbox.
  • The ones at the above are from different photographers and show landscape such as mountains, beaches, and forests, chess boards, and similar. Scroll down and click on the more images entry to check out more of the best Google mailbox themes. Click on the one you like the most > Select. The selected image will be added to the theme list.
  • At the bottom of your theme list, you can see some simple themes like Dark and different colors. The list caps off with a few classic Google mail themes like High Score, Terminal, and Graffiti. You can also select the Random background, which will shuffle a fresh theme for you each day.

Gmail also provides a bit of customization for the contemporary themes. Click the theme you liked > at the bottom of the dialog box, locate a row of icons:

  • The Text Background button allows you to toggle between a dark and light border for buttons and messages.
  • The Vignette slider lets you darken the corners of the theme you have selected.
  • The Blur slider can unfocus the selected theme.

Such simple customizations are not super deep, but they allow you to append a fancy touch to the background of your Gmail.

Custom Gmail Themes With Your Images:

If you didn’t like any of the available themes, then don’t worry. You can make a custom Gmail background with your own photograph. Click on My Photos button on the themes dialog box, and Google mail will show your pictures from your Google Photos.

If you have not already added any images, open your Google Photos and simply upload the photo, you would like to utilize in the custom Gmail background. You can search the photos if you have several to sift through. Click the picture you desire to use as your background just like any other, apply the three options mentioned above if you want and click on save. That’s it!

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