Delete Gmail Account Permanently

By | February 18, 2019

If you have created a Gmail account and now you want to delete it permanently. So deciding to delete it is a potentially huge commitment. But sometimes you need to move on. Here’s our guide that can help you do so.

Deleting The Gmail Account

  • First of all, log into your Gmail account > click the Google profile picture > My Account.
  • In the opened page, click on the Delete your services or account option. Now keep scrolling scroll down until you locate the Delete your services or account heading > click on Delete products and log in for the last time to the current Gmail.
  • Now you can see a catalog of Google services added to the account that you can delete. (It is okay to acquaint in case you desire to delete other services at some point.)
  • Now locate Gmail and click on the bin icon next to it > enter an email ID when asked so the other accounts such as Drive can stay active. The alternative email ID cannot be another Gmail ID. Once you are done with it, you will get an email at the ID you have entered asking you to click on a link and verify that you do certainly desire to delete the Gmail account permanently.
  • Click on the received link > read the message that correctly claims not to be the usual yada yada. The most vital thing to note is that if you were utilizing this email ID as a recovery ID for important accounts, bank details, etc., then you’ll no longer be capable of accessing this info.
  • Now that you have measured all the end results, are you prepared to delete the account? If so, then check the box at the bottom of the box > Delete Gmail.
  • That is all! You can no longer access any of the content of the account inbox because that Gmail ID is deleted. To repeat, you will still be capable of accessing the other Google services linked to the deleted Gmail ID utilizing the email ID you have registered earlier.

What Happens To The Mails In Your Deleted Gmail Account?

The emails will also be deleted forever. You’ll no longer be capable of accessing them in your Gmail. If you have downloaded a copy of them, either utilizing an email program or utilizing Google Takeout, you can still use them, of course.

What Happens To The Mails Sent To The Deleted Gmail Address?

Individuals who mail on the old Gmail ID will get back a message about delivery failure. You might desire to announce an old alternate address or a new one to your contacts you care most about.


So that is all about it. It is almost eccentric how easy it is to delete the Gmail account considering how important the implications are. You nearly believe like there ought to be some kind of interview process for deleting the Gmail, chatting you through what your decision will mean for you and your life. But no! Quite a few clicks and that’s it.

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