Gmail Sign In Multiples Accounts At Once

By | February 8, 2019

It can be frustrating (not to mention long) to sign in & out of each of the Google accounts each time you desire to utilize them. Fortunately, Google makes it simple to sign in to several Gmail accounts at once and rapidly switch between them on the computer and phone. Here is how you can utilize Google’s multiple sign-in feature.

How Can You Log Into A Second Google Account?

There are a lot of causes to keep several Gmail accounts, but until freshly, our mere choice to keep them open at the same time was to keep them in different web browsers, which is frustrating and too resource-intensive for various users. Google has relented and now allows us to keep up to ten accounts signed in all at once in one browser.

  • To start, just sign in to the primary Google account (which is possibly the Gmail address you utilize for the personal email). The interface is pretty simple even after the new update. You can simply log in to your Google account by going to the Google’s main page and then clicking on the blue sign-in button.
  • Once you are in, click on the account profile picture. If you have not allocated a profile picture, it’ll be a circular icon with the 1st letter of your name. From the appeared menu, click on add account.
  • Now you are back in the similar sign-in page, ready to sign in with a secondary Google account. You can utilize any Gmail address, or you can sign in by suing a customized email address.
  • You are now signed in to both the primary and secondary Google accounts across all the services. You can simply switch between both of the accounts without logging out of one. Simply click on the profile picture again, then click on the Google account you desire to utilize. There is no limit to the amount of accounts you can log in at the same time in this way.

How Can You Access Google Services From A Secondary Google Account?

  • Go to a Google-branded site like without switching back to the primary Google account. You will see that Google has opened the interface from the default Google account, not the one you just appended. The account system looks to reset you to the primary mode whenever you open a new Google website. It is irritating but comprehensible; Google is insisting that you identify the secondary account to avoid problems.
  • To switch to the secondary Google account, simply click on the profile picture again, then choose the account with which you desire to view that page. The similar page will open in the next tab, this time with your selected account active.
  • To save yourself a little time, you can also open new Google services from a direct link. While the secondary Google account is active on any page, click the applications button (it is the 9-dot grid).
  • Then click on the service you desire to use with the active Google account, like Drive or Gmail. The service will open in a new tab, with the secondary Google account already signed in.

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