Enable Two Steps Verification For Gmail Account?

By | January 28, 2019

Security breaches do take place. A lot of email accounts including Gmail accounts can face this problem. That is why it is highly recommended to enable the 2-step authentication (or two-step verification, as it is also known) for the Gmail account. Enabling this 2-step verification will put a stop to anybody’s efforts who is trying to access your Gmail and all other services provided by Google that utilizes your Google account details when you log in because you will require more than a password to authenticate that you are the owner of the account.

What Is 2-Step Verification?

2-step authentication will add an additional layer of security to the Google account. Think about withdrawing money from an ATM; you must insert the card first and then enter your personal identification number. While in the case of a Gmail account, when you enable the 2-step verification, you have to enter a password and a code that’s sent to the phone by text or call, or through the authenticator application on the phone.

Although it’ll now need additional steps to access a Gmail account, 2-step authentication is invaluable. Utilizing 2-step authentication enabled to verify who you are can double the account security effectively, and makes certain that you will only log in if you have both the correct password and a valid verification token. It’s still suggested to change the current Gmail password if you have not done it already.

Setting Up Two-Step Authentication For The Google Account:

  • First of all, open the two-step authentication page > click on get started button.
  • Log in to the Gmail account, if required.
  • Then enter your mobile number and to complete the step chose any option from the Phone call or Text message > click on Try It button.
  • Now enter the code you have received > click Next.
  • To turn the 2-step authentication on click Turn On button.
  • Now return to the two-step authentication page and click authenticator application to set up the app.
  • Choose the mobile OS. Leave the page open as you will require it in a minute.
  • Then download the Google Authenticator app for the mobile > open it.
  • The click on Begin setup button > Scan Barcode.
  • You can scan your code using the mobile phone.
  • Now add the integer code which appears on the phone.

From this time forth, each time you try to log into your Gmail, you will be asked to make a new barcode, along with the password. However, on your own system, you can also set it up to not appear.

Some Additional Instructions:

  • Google Prompt is the strongest authentication way, followed by the authenticator application, and the lowest security technique is the voice call or text message.
  • Even with two-step authentication set up, from time to time, you must need to change the password of your account.


Even though the Gmail account might’ve been secured this time, there’s no telling when another leak or hack can take place. Any service that provides you the 2-step authentication, you should always take advantage of it, as it essentially puts a solid stop to unauthenticated access attempts. Stay safe!

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