How To Recover Gmail Password?

By | January 18, 2019

As one of the most primitive services, Gmail has remained the foundation of Google’s online existence. So when someone forgets the Gmail password, and we do not desire to exaggerate things here, it is like you are some internet ghost lingering the foyers of your past life.

Okay, it is not that awful. But you will desire to change the password and get access to the Gmail account as fast as possible.

How Can You Recover The Gmail Password?

Gmail has some different methods to verify the user’s identity and reset or recover the password. Fortunately, they are all laid out in a fine little wizard that Gmail will take you through bit by bit.

  • On the Google login page, click on the Forgot password option.
  • Enter the password that you think your account has. You can click on the try another way option if you can’t remember any password.
  • It will then ask you if you want to send an authentication notification on the smartphone that is linked with your account.
  • If you do not have your mobile number near you, it will try sending you an authentication code on the alternate email address. You can click on try another way option if you do not have any alternate ID.
  • It will ask you for any email (that you can access) where it can contact you. Once you have shared that ID, an authentication code will be sent to that ID.
  • Once you have received, enter the code in the Google’s dialogue box.
  • Once it is done, you can now access the Google account or Gmail.

Questions You Will Asked During Your Gmail Account Password Recovery:

The questions you will be asked to assist in verifying the Gmail account may include these, not necessarily in the given order:

Previous Password:

If you can remember the old password after changing it, you can still enter it to access you Gmail account.

A Mobile Number Set Up For Account Recovery:

You will get a text message from Google that will hold an authentication code. Which you can then enter to access you account​

Authentication Utilizing A Code (With Two-Step Verification Enabled For You Gmail Account):

Riding on the authentication ways set up for two-step verification (enter the mobile number utilized for authentication if asked), you can receive a code from:

  • An application (such as Google Authenticator app);
  • A phone call or text message received from Google; or
  • Printed back-up codes.

A Secondary Email ID:

Follow the link that is given in a message you have received from Google sent to the email ID for resetting your Google account password. You may also be capable of entering any current email ID to get an authentication code.

A Security Question:

If you have added a security question to your Google account, you can also type the correct answer to that question to access your account.

When You Set Up Your Account:

If which year or month you created your Google account. That can also be entered.

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