Secure Gmail Account

By | February 18, 2019

Out of all the online accounts, there is a fine chance that your Google account holds most of your info. Dwell on it: if you utilize Chrome for browsing, Gmail for email and Android for the mobile operating system, then you are already using Google for almost all you do.

Now that you are dwelling on how much of your information is saved and stored by Google, dwell on how secure your account is. What if somebody got access to the account? It would include personal files in the Drive, bank statements in Gmail, chat logs from Hangouts, saved photos in Google Photos, and a lot more. Frightening thought, right? Now let’s talk about how you can make sure that the Google account is as secure as it can be.

Track The Google Account Activity Remotely:

Google has a great feature that enables you to review the last ten logins along with details like device, IP address, time and browser. It assists you to report any suspicious activity/login and get it removed from the account. Even Google flags these reports and blocks it right away.

Utilize A Strong Password:

Of any online entity, a strong password is a key to security. It is the cause why most of the online portals and sites have set certain rules for setting a strong password, failing to which will cause unsuccessful sign-up or subsequent action step.

Make Your Gmail Account More Secure By Following These Simple Steps:

  • Enter in your preferred web browser’s address bar > press Enter.
  • Now here sing into your account by clicking on the blue Sign In button in the top right corner. Correctly add your credentials to log into your account successfully.
  • Once logged in successfully, in the right top corner, click on your profile icon.
  • Now to access the account’s setting, click on the blue My Account button > Sign-in & security
  • One of the primary things you should do is to go for a Security Checkup. It’ll be like a small tutorial where you will follow the on-screen instruction to check the account security.
  • To make your Google account more secure, you can enable the two-step authentication. To locate it, just scroll down until you get to the Signing into the Google part, and then on the opened page, look at the right side to locate the option. When you turn it on, each time you enter a password for the account, you will then require a code that’ll be sent to the phone, actually to log in.
  • The other thing to perform is to check the Account recovery options. You find this option right below the two-step authentication. It’ll enable Google to get in touch with you on your phone or other email address if you don’t remember the password or cannot access the Google account.

When it comes to account security, many times, it comes all down to you. So, always watch out for untrusted websites and utilize strong passwords. Whatever you do, do not take the account security lightly and be cautious at all times.

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