Why is Gmail better than other Email Services?

By | February 4, 2019

Selecting the best email service for a small company can be difficult. Every email is very important to the business. You require an email service that is trustworthy and offers the features that your business needs.

Gmail is the invention of Google, and everything we utilize for surfing and browsing is of Google product. So, everything we use in our everyday life, Gmail fits pretty well with that. It is supposed to be the most protected email providers in view of how it keeps updating the policies to make it more secure and simple to use for us. Here are a few of the interesting facts about Gmail that makes it the most excellent email provider.

Easy To Use:

While Gmail has a lot of different amazing features, you do not require comprehending them all to make good use of it.


Gmail permits for a huge deal of customization. Not just can one control the look of the Gmail interface by making use of different available themes; you can select the way the inbox functions by turning features such as tabs on and off. Also, utilize markers and color coding to customize how different messages appear.


To improve productivity, Gmail has numerous features. One of such tools is the tasks utility that you can utilize to send tasks to the Google Calendar.

Community Support:

Gmail also has strapping community support. The help center of Gmail is efficient and addresses a lot of questions. Plus, Google sustains a Gmail help forum, where you can ask particular questions.


Gmail also integrates with numerous other Google tools. There are also a lot of Plugins that increase the capabilities of Gmail even more.

Offline Service:

It absolutely makes Gmail stick out in the throng. You can use it offline in the Chrome you’re your Offline Gmail Chrome application. If you try to send an email while you are offline, the email will be sent while you reconnect. You can also look through the emails you have already received.

Unlimited Number Of Email Addresses:

By appending a + or a dot and changing the capitalization, you can really configure a Gmail account into a lot of different addresses. It is helpful to pre-filter emails. You can utilize a different variation of your email address for every WordPress site you manage, for example.

Supported By A Board Range Of Browsers:

  • Completely supported browsers:
  • Chrome (for Windows)
  • Netscape 7.1+ (for Windows Mac Linux)
  • Microsoft IE 5.5+ (for Windows)
  • Mozilla Firefox 0.8+ (for Windows Mac Linux)
  • Mozilla 1.4+ (for Windows Mac Linux)
  • Opera 6.03+
  • Safari 1.2.1+ (for Mac)
  • Netscape 4.07+
  • A lot of other browsers function with Gmail’s basic view which is HTML, including Microsoft IE 4.0+
  • Lynx


You can send or read emails in most languages. You can access the Gmail interface in thirty-nine different languages: UK and US English, traditional and simplified Chinese, Catalan, Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Dutch, Danish, Filipino, Estonian, French, Finnish, Greek, German, Hindi, Hebrew, Icelandic, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Slovak, Serbian, Spanish, Slovenian, Thai, Swedish, Ukrainian, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

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